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What is a Symbolic Wedding?

A symbolic wedding is a ceremony that has no legal status. This means that there is more flexibility and in fact pretty much anything is possible.

Couples may choose to have a symbolic wedding because:



Whatever the reason, couples generally see their symbolic wedding as their ‘real’ wedding. Because there is more flexibility with a symbolic wedding, couples are free to plan their special day, with the help of their celebrant, just the way they would like it to be.

Some ideas you may want to include:
Sand Blending - The bride and groom each has a container of different coloured sand representing their unique personalities and what they personally bring to the marriage. At a given point during the ceremony, the different colours of sand are poured together into a communal vase.
As the sand is poured, the colours blend together in a unique and beautiful way that can never be undone. This of course symbolises the two of them coming together and the new relationship that is being formed by the marriage.
If there are children, they can also have a container of coloured sand each to pour into the communal vase, helping them to feel included in the ceremony and in the marriage.
The couple get to keep the vase to take home, as a memento of their wedding in Cyprus.
Unity Candle - The bride and groom each light their own candle at the beginning of the ceremony, representing their unique personalities and what they each bring to the marriage.

Towards the end of the ceremony a third, larger candle is lit from the two smaller ones symbolising the union of their two hearts and lives. The couple get to keep the candles to display at home, as a reminder of their special day.
Handfasting has its roots in ancient Celtic tradition and is commonly used in Wiccan and Pagan ceremonies, but is a lovely ritual for any couple to include in their wedding.
During the ceremony – before, during or after reciting their vows - the bride and groom will have their hands gently bound together with a ribbon or cord, to symbolise their connection and devotion to one another and the binding of their lives in love and unity.

Common interest or Theme - The ceremony can also be based around a lifestyle that the couple share. For example, if they both enjoy being in or on the water, they might like to consider exchanging their vows on the sea bed, or on a boat. Cyprus is the perfect place for water-based wedding ceremonies.
Alternatively, if the bride and groom are both hooked on a particular lifestyle or TV show, they may want to plan their ceremony around that theme. You can be as whacky and off the wall as you like!

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