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MeditationScientific studies have shown that regular meditation can benefit us in many ways, including:


Meditation can be described as the discipline of relaxing the body, quietening the mind and awakening the spirit. There are various methods of doing this, but they all have the aim of trying to cease or control the constant barrage of thoughts that often trouble us and that can lead to stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.


Guided meditations often include what can be more aptly described as visualisations. Here, the focus of attention is on being in a place or having an experience that helps you become more contented and at peace with yourself and the world.

If you live in the Paphos area of Cyprus, you may wish to consider joining one of my Meditation Classes (see below for details).

I also use guided meditation in my one-to-one coaching sessions, where appropriate.

If you would like to know more, please contact me now


Venue: Spa Tonic, Crown Resorts Hotel, Coral Bay
Day: Thursdays    Time: 10.30 - 11.30

Price: €5 per person (free to members of Spa Tonic)

This class is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators

It is followed by a short time of meditating for the world (suitable for experienced meditators)

Time: 11.40 – 12.00

There is no charge for this.

We meet on the Mezzanine floor