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 A holiday romance is just that – a romance for the holiday. For many people holidays are about having a good time, making new friends and enjoying new experiences, and a holiday romance might just be the icing on the cake that makes the holiday so memorable. However, complications can arise, especially when one of the couple decide they want it to be more that just a one-week fling. So if you’re contemplating a holiday romance, here are a few thoughts that might be helpful:
Play safe. If your holiday romance involves having sex, make sure you protect yourself. You don’t want to come home with more than you bargained for!
Be sensible about who you meet and where – and tell someone else where you are going. It might also be a good idea to keep in touch with a friend via your mobile phone, throughout your date.
Don’t neglect the people you have come on holiday with. You’ll be going home with them so make sure you don’t leave them feeling dumped.
Be honest with the other person. If you have absolutely no intention of continuing the relationship beyond your holiday then make sure the other person realises that. Allowing someone to fall in love with you and then walking out of their life can be unnecessarily hurtful.
Go into it with your 
eyes wide open. The chances are that if you meet a local they will be after a bit of sex and fun, then on to the next person as soon as you have gone home, so don’t expect it to turn into anything more than that, otherwise you might just get your heart broken.
Be aware that people tend to act very differently when they are on holiday. So if you are hoping that this romance will continue when you go home, you might want to ask a few pertinent questions before you leave. Long distance relationships are always challenging so before you get involved in one, you will want to at least have some idea that this one could be worth it. For example, you will want to know:

-      Is he/she single and unattached (not necessarily the same thing)?
-      Do they feel the same way about you?
-      What do they do for a living (financially viable)?
-      Do you share similar interests?
-      What is their relationship history (do they have a lot of baggage)?
-      Have they done this before?
-      How do you both intend to continue with the relationship?
Having said all that, meeting someone while you (or they) are on holiday can be 
an exciting adventure that could just possibly turn into a long-term relationship. After all, if you feel that you’ve already met all the eligible singles in the area where you live, then looking further afield is definitely a good idea.
If you
are hoping to find love and romance during your holiday, then consider choosing your destination with that purpose in mind. There are plenty of organised holidays for singles that you could link up with. The advantage of these type of holidays is that everyone else will be single too and (hopefully) available and therefore maybe open to the possibility of friendship – or more. But bear in mind that unless you fall within the average age range of the group there may not be many suitable people to choose from, and you could end up spending the week with people you have very little in common with.
There are also countless activity and interest holidays, where 
you stand a higher chance of meeting someone who shares your interests, which has got to be a good basis for a lasting relationship. Yes, there will be couples on the holiday too, and people who are there on their own but who are already in a relationship, but there will probably also be people there who are genuinely single, like you. And even if you don’t meet that special someone during the week, at least you will be doing something you enjoy, with like-minded people.
One further piece of advice if you are hoping to meet someone special: go with a truly open heart and mind. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will be giving out vibes that tell other people much more about you than you may realise. So if you are secretly feeling ‘no one is going to be interested in me’, or ‘if I get close to someone I’ll get hurt’ then you will inadvertently be putting up a wall. If, on the other hand, you go with confidence in who you are, secure in the knowledge that whatever happens you will cope, then the world is your oyster. Step into each room or situation as someone who counts, and make a commitment to yourself to enjoy every moment of your holiday.
to summarise, be consciously aware of what you are doing. Take sensible care not to get hurt or to hurt anyone else, and allow yourself to be open to a world of exciting possibilities.
Happy holidays!

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